Canadian True Crime is a completely independent podcast, written audio presentation involving Canadian crimes. Facts presented here originate from reliable sources such as court documents, sources from public domains, new archives, media coverage episodes, and community sources, among others.

The podcast is independent and fully produced by Kristi Lee, an Australian who relocated to Canada in 2009. We primarily get our funds from advertisements where Acast and TPX are the hosts. The audience can comfortably listen to the Canadian True Crime podcast via Amazon music, podcast app, Apple Podcasts, Stream episodes, or Spotify.

 New updates on upcoming episodes are normally available on the 1st and 15th days of every month. Credits and resources are also available on the website for every episode. We take our time to correct any mistakes and errors from primary sources to ensure the presentations are error-free. Currently, we are among the top 20 Canadian podcasts, with a 5-star rating in Apple Podcasts Canada and more than 12,000 reviews.