Top 17 Stoner Mysteries

Stoner Mysteries are crime stories that are set in a smoke-infused world. In these stories, detectives or private investigators must use their knowledge of the smoking industry to solve puzzles and identify criminals. So just sit back, relax, choose a suitable vape flavor and enjoy a smokey mystery.

Some of the best stoner mysteries include:

1. Easy Rider

Easy Rider talks about two friends who smuggle drug money through their motorcycle engines as they ride across the country. This classic counters the culture ultimately.

2. The Big Lebowski

The story talks about ‘The Dude’ who is mistaken for Jeff Lebowski and is roughed up by his ransom demands put in writing. To clear his name, The Dude tracks down the real Jeff Lebowski and tries to resolve the situation.

3. Bored to Death

It is a fictional story by Jonathan Ames. Jason Schwartzman, Jonathan Ames, is a casual marijuana smoker to the extent that his girlfriend wants to break up with him. Jonathan solves several puzzles with her.

4. Pineapple Express

It is a stoner comedy about three failures who encounter danger and bonds from this experience. They decide to run after witnessing their dealer boss kill a competitor serving him papers.

5. Savages

It is a breakthrough novel that lowers young men against a drug dealer from Mexico. Savage is displayed by sex, provocations, and dangerous rides in the dark to deliver and pick drugs.

6. Weeds

The story is about a housewife who becomes a drug dealer who cannot be arrested or discovered. Each season of the show shows that every family has a drug cartel, and this action becomes a norm.

7. Caught

The story begins with a smuggler who escaped from prison. The ex-con plans to reunite with his drug dealer and begin selling drugs again. He smuggles a lot of money from his partner, getting caught.

8. Smiley Face

In the film, Anna Faris, Jane, is struggling with a busy day buying marijuana. She is an addict, and she has already used drugs in the morning. She eats all the cupcakes from her roommate and walks randomly into Los Angeles.

9. King Suckerman

This film, written by King Suckerman, is about a group of street-smart kids who grow up in the projects in Los Angeles and find themselves entangled in a web of drug trafficking, murder, and corruption. The film is set when crack cocaine was flooding inner-city neighborhoods and turning poor kids into ruthless criminals.

10. Sean Duffy Series

Sean Duffy, a cynical protagonist, and dissolute steals drugs from evidence lockers that helps him cover up his stresses as a cop. Duffy does every kind of drug, including high-quality harsh, while listening to jazz classics.

11. Trapping the Source

In this story, a young man called Ike Parker finds out that his sister is missing. The man tries to find the sister, and he gets himself into drugs in the process.

12. Go-Between

Emily lives with her boyfriend Jeff while she runs a restaurant in Humboldt. Her boyfriend is a volunteer firefighter, and the boy uses the chance to transport drugs out of the states.

13. Out of the Dark

In this story, a young man selling books for survival meets a couple involved in mysterious activities, including using drugs all day. As told by Modiano, the man sees this couple as living a romantic life, and he admires it.

14. Arab Jazz

This stoner mystery story is about a guy named Karim Miske who, one day, while smoking a joint, he suddenly has a vision. He sees himself as the main character of an African folktale in his vision.

15. The Savage Detectives

This stoner mystery film is about a private detective investigating the disappearance of a rich woman. He gets wrapped up in a conspiracy involving the police, the mob, and some shady characters.

16. Inherent Vice

This story is about Thomas Pynchon, who is struggling with his life. He is a writer, and he has been working on a book for years, but he doesn’t know if it is good enough. Thomas has many problems, and he decides to be a stoner and smuggles drugs.

17. Heads You Lose

Paul and Lacey are pot-growing siblings living in rural California in the book. They come across a headless corpse and cannot call 911, so they move the corpse elsewhere. Mysteriously the corpse reappears on their property, and they take it as a message from someone.

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