Wives Drive Dead Husbands from Florida to Canada Due to Pricy Shipping

The QUEBEC, Canada Law enforcement officials have recently held a bizarre discovery as they checked out a car at the US-Canada border. In the report by the Toronto Sun, a lady and her son were seen driving back to Quebec from Florida with her dead husband in the car.
The explanation they provided to the law enforcers was that the husband was already around eighty years old. They explained that he had died of health problems, which resulted in a heart attack while on their vacation.
The lady was questioned why she …

Canadian Serial Killers with Absolutely Chilling Stories

Robert Pickton: Robert Pickton was a renowned multi-millionaire pig farmer in Port Coquitlam. From the Serial killer shop reports, he accommodated raves in a slaughterhouse with thousands of guests in attendance and high numbers of Hell’s Angels and prostitutes. Pickton was later arrested for murder charges while hiding other 49 cases. During his arrest, the cops discovered dozens of women’s remains, with some of the victims feeding his pigs.
Clifford Olson Jr.:…

Grandson and Grandparents Murder Over Business Disputes

The grisly murder case that shook the entire nation made the top headlines across the globe. Jennifer O’Brien, a mother of three boys, went to pick up her five-year-old sold from her parent’s house. He was shocked at the scene she saw after opening the door. She walked in and was hit by the bad odor of death and pools of blood in every corner of the house.
Drag marks were all over with no signs of her parents and the son. The imprint of the little boy’s hand on the wall was heartbreaking and hard to comprehend. Jennifer O’Brien immediately took …