Canadian Serial Killers with Absolutely Chilling Stories

  • Robert Pickton: Robert Pickton was a renowned multi-millionaire pig farmer in Port Coquitlam. From the Serial killer shop reports, he accommodated raves in a slaughterhouse with thousands of guests in attendance and high numbers of Hell’s Angels and prostitutes. Pickton was later arrested for murder charges while hiding other 49 cases. During his arrest, the cops discovered dozens of women’s remains, with some of the victims feeding his pigs.
  • Clifford Olson Jr.: Clifford Olson Jr. was also referred to as “the beast of B.C.” Olson murdered his eleven kids in 1980 and young adults aged 9-18. He was charged $10,000 for each body he assisted the law enforcers in tracing. He was later arrested and sentenced to life because of the public outcry in the town. He scored 38 out of 40, while the normal cutoff was about25-30. He died later in 2011.
  • Paul Bernardo: Paul Bernardo was the hubby to Homolka, a renowned Scarborough Rapist. He committed some rape crimes and was eventually questioned by police and released with no charges. They were later arrested with his wife in 1993, where Bernardo was given a life sentence recently serving at Millhaven Institution.
  • Karla Homolka: This is the only female on the list. They were well-known with her husband Paul Bernardo as “The Barbie & Ken Killers.” Homolka helped her husband with the rape and murder of three ladies between 1990-92. One of the three ladies was her little sister.
  • They were arrested one year later, but Homolka was exchanged for a lighter sentence after she made a plea deal with the cops. However, she was charged with manslaughter cases and served 12 years, after which she was released in 2005.
  • Luka Magnotta: Currently, Luka Magnotta has been in the limelight after posting a disturbing video of him killing two kittens. He later posted a video of him killing a foreign student Jun Lin brutally and sending some of his body parts to various schools and political coalitions before running away. Later, he was spotted in an internet cafe and convicted with a life sentence.

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