Grandson and Grandparents Murder Over Business Disputes

The grisly murder case that shook the entire nation made the top headlines across the globe. Jennifer O’Brien, a mother of three boys, went to pick up her five-year-old sold from her parent’s house. He was shocked at the scene she saw after opening the door. She walked in and was hit by the bad odor of death and pools of blood in every corner of the house.

Drag marks were all over with no signs of her parents and the son. The imprint of the little boy’s hand on the wall was heartbreaking and hard to comprehend. Jennifer O’Brien immediately took the courage and contacted the police, who informed her to stay in her car with all doors locked as there could be other attackers hiding.

After the police officers did a thorough search, they didn’t trace the bodies of her parents and that of the boy. No fingerprints from the killers and no shred for conducting the DNA tests. More police officers were set in search of the bodies in the entire closet and under the beds. The two parents were in the process of starting their retirement life, and they had thousands of plans.

They had just bought a new home and had an estate sale in Edmonton. According to inspector Bill Graveland, the cops did a thorough search for a couple of weeks but found no trace of the bodies. They conclude that the case was not abduction but a triple-murder case with the killers going into hiding. The cops analyzed a suspicious thing via the surveillance tapes that caught their attention.

The truck inside the home compound was missing and traced in the neighborhood; unfortunately, the bodies were not there. After months of investigations, the bones of the missing bodies were traced. One piece of flesh was alleged to belong to Alvin Liknes and the bone fragments for the grandson. The inspector with the family members chopped them and cremated them.

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