Why is Pepper Spray Illegal in Canada?

First off, is pepper spray legal in Canada? The short answer is: No. The sight of murder cases splashed on national papers drives the desire to acquire self-defence tools. In a world where personal safety is paramount, the question of arming oneself for self-defence often comes to the forefront. Pepper spray, a compact and seemingly effective tool, has emerged as a subject of intense debate within the Canadian legal framework….

What Drugs Are Legal in Canada? A Guide to Getting Stoned Legally

Taking the advice “if you can’t beat them, join them,” the British Columbia province of Canada recently decriminalized some hard drugs TEMPORARILY. Following Canada’s federal minister of Mental Health authorization, possessing some illicit drugs is legal from Jan 31, 2023 – Jan 31, 2026.
Such news often invokes several legal questions regarding drug use in Canada. Struggling with confusion, you…