5 Fictional Works That Inspired “Copycat” Murders

Dexter: Edmonton’s Mark Twitchell wished to become a filmmaker but later obsessed with the Showtime series Dexter. He posed as a woman on the dating site Plenty of Fish, convincing John Atlinger to meet him. Twitchell changed his garage to a “kill room,” making sure that the walls and floor were covered in plastics like the Dexter shows. Because of the strong interest in the Dexter series, Twitchell was referred to as the “Dexter Killer.”

The Matrix: The Matrix is among the greatest fiction which works under one large computer-generated simulation. This means that one can be held reliable for the committed crimes. More people adopted the idea and directly entered into the murder trial. In three weeks, Snipers Lee Boyd Malvo and John Allen Muhamad killed more than 10 people. Malvo claimed that Matrix fiction played a huge role in knowing his motives.

Scream: The Scream fiction inspires the slasher franchise making Ghostface killer recognizable worldwide. Thierry Jaradin stabbed Alisson Cambier at least 30 times while putting on the Ghost face costume. The life imprisonment and conviction of the first-degree murder followed according to the film franchise. Brian Draper and Torey Adamcik trial were convicted of the murder and life imprisonment through the Scream franchise inspirations.

Natural Born Killers: The Natural Born Killers fiction features a married couple, Mickey and Mallory Knox, going on killing sprees in different states, killing any person along the way. This film presents how different killings happen because of real-life violence. These themes end up mostly becoming inspirations for several real-life murders.

Child’s Play: The Child’s Play Fiction revolves around Chucky, a kid’s doll who later gets possessed by the serial killing spirits and gets compelled to slaughter citizens. Jon Venables and Robert Thompsons hocked the entire world by kidnapping Bulger before killing him. After murdering the two-year-old boy, they threw paint on his face.

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