The Best Canadian Crime Novels

  1. Dead in the Water by Ted Wood (1983): Ted Wood has been suggested severally and is currently on the Linwood Barclays list. Rogue cop Reid Bennett participated in chasing drug traffickers, conducting murder investigations, and beating up thugs. This is why the book has lately been on the Open Media and available for Kindle.
  2. Outlander by Gil Adamson (2007): Mary Boulton was alleged to kill her hubby, who was cheating and is being searched by the two brothers. She is later caught and imprisoned, but luckily she gets some sympathy and assists a preacher in a mining camp.
  3. Helpless by Barbara Gowdy (2007): The book is normally not for crime-related cases. The novel explores the different lives of the characters and saves the nine-year-old girl. The book triggered a debate at one time as some of the characters took a different approach.
  4. Black Rock by John McFetridge (2015): This novel is about a young cop and Eddie Dougherty in Montreal’s history. There were many political kidnappings, street protests, bombings, strikes, and other confusion during this period. The patrol cop investigated several murder cases, which the police department didn’t find time to check out.
  5. Innocent Graves by Peter Robinson (1996): This novel is among the top Inspector Alan Banks series authored by the British-born Canadian. The book features the murder case of a teenage daughter of a wealthy and famous man. The investigations showed that most residents have a series of buried secrets and a list of suspects.
  6. Too Close to Home by Linwood Barclay (2008): Linwood Barclay is well-known for executing and writing Canadian crime fiction. The book features a killer executing a whole family in Promise Falls town. He used this town to show the reader the paranormal aspects of having many bodies piling up. The author brings the reader to the point of meeting and understanding multiple rich characters residing there.
  7. Needles by William Deverell (1979): the book is a legal thriller mixed with a noir mystery and a hard view on drug trading and prostitution. Foster Cobb, a lawyer, prosecutes a shady Asian drug dealer with the lawyer succumbing to the heroin act.
  8. The Chill by Ross Macdonald (1964): Kenneth Millar is the other name for Ross Macdonald, an American writer based in Canada. The book features the Lew Arche series with Archer suspecting that there were wrong police false arrests for the college professor’s murder. Full investigations showed some similar murders not connected to the person in custody.

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