Great Canadian Crime Fiction Novels

Canadian authors’ have greatly contributed to global crime fiction. Here are the ten latest crime fiction novels;

  1. Garcia’s Heart: Patrick Lazarenko make a trip to The   Hague to witness Hernan García’s war crimes trial, accused of torture. Patrick later realized García’s shocking intentions, which made him know how hard it is to learn the human heart comprehensively.
  2. The Debba: The novel features the Debba playing an Arab hyena that changed into a man who attracts Jewish children to train them in the beast’s language. The persistent nightmares about the catastrophe made him become the military assassin for Israel.
  3. Sign of the Cross: A Mystery Monty Collins is a renowned public defender whose aim is to represent change. Even for the strange murder of a young lady, Monty stands his ground and takes the case himself.
  4. An Inspector Green Mystery: Brandon’s fiancée goes missing for more than twenty-four hours, triggering friends and relatives’ mobilization for the search. Inspector Michael Green traced her last movements and later discovered that their family and police worked together to hide the truth.
  5. Bury Your Dead: Chief Inspector Armand Gamache comes to recover from a wrong investigation. Deaths from violence are inescapable, even with the remains of famous people who were murdered. Gamache later suffers from his wrong investigations as the citizens demand that he must relive a terrible event before he starts to bury his dead.
  6. High Chicago: Toronto investigators Jonah Geller and Jenn Raudsepp have opened their investigating agency and want to deal with a suicidal case of a young girl. From the investigations, the partner of the dead girl’s father is alleged to be killing people, but the evidence is not very clear.
  7. A Trick of the Light: Chief Inspector Gamache finds where the art gathered with shading and light. He discovered that every sweet relationship had hidden broken hearts. Even with the exposure of facts, the inspector and his team claim it’s a trick of the light.
  8. The Boy Must Die: This novel features how Billy Yamamoto and the hired local cops tackled child abuse, racial intolerance, and professional negligence cases. They investigated the link between the dead boy and the solidarity of the citizens.
  9. The Accident: Glen Garber decides to investigate an accident that killed his wife and two others. Glen is shocked by the illegal activities and vortex of corruption, and threats from neighbors perpetrated by the mysterious killers.
  10. April Fool: Arthur Beauchamp has registered how Faloon hurt everyone after his life takes another turn. The wife is determined to save more eagle’s lives from the loggers and still have the tree left intact.

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