Published Articles (by Bruce A. MacFarlane, Q.C.)

  Anatomy of a Public Inquiry (A symposium on public inquiries respecting wrongful convictions, held at the University of Manitoba in 2012)

  Convicting the Innocent: A triple Failure of the Justice System

   Historical Development of The Offence of Rape

   Horrific Video Tapes As Evidence: Balancing Open Court and Victims' Privacy

   People Who Stalk People

   Sunlight and Disinfectants: Prosecutorial Accountability and Independence Through Public Transparency

   Structural Aspects of Terrorist Mega-Trials:  A Comparative Analysis

  The Appointment of the Queens Counsel 

   Wrongful Convictions:  The Effect of Tunnel Vision and Predisposing Circumstances in the Criminal Justice System

  Wrongful Convictions:  Determining Culpability When the sand Keeps Shifting

  Wrongful Convictions:  Is it Proper for the Crown to Root Around, Looking for Miscarriages of Justice?