Law Links

Australian Law  This site, maintained by the Australian Legal Information Institute, offers a fairly comprehensive guide to Australian case and statute law, including decisions of the Australian High Court. The site is constantly being improved, and is an outstanding research tool. 
British Columbia Superior Courts  This site offers searchable access to decisions of the B.C. Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. 
Supreme Court of Canada  This is a site maintained by the Supreme Court itself, and is in an early stage of development. It provides general information on the Court, and a useful calendar listing the dates for upcoming arguments. It also provides a link to the Court's decisions. 
Supreme Court of Canada/University of Montreal  This site offers a searchable guide to Supreme Court of Canada decisions. Court decisions, usually released on Thursdays, are accessible on the day of release. The site also offers instruction as to how to subscribe to a free e-mail service which notifies subscribers of impending decisions. 
U.S. Supreme Court Decisions of the U.S. Supreme Court and other information may be found at this site, operated by Cornell University. The site offers a free e-mail service which provides synopses of cases shortly after their release. 
U.S. Courts of Appeal  There are several ways of finding U.S. case law, but this may be the easiest to use. It provides a searchable guide to circuit court decisions in the U.S. and a wealth of other legal information. 
Search Engines
Find law Great legal search engine. 
University of Manitoba Law Links  Various law search engines for Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the United States. 
Government Resources 
Canadian Charter of Rights
Debates  House of Commons, Senate, Standing Committees. 
Department of Justice
Statistics Canada  A good source of government reports and statistical news. 
Virtual Canadian Law Library  A very good collection of government and other sources.